With A Disciplined Approach Pregnancy With Type 2 Diabetes Is Possible!

With A Disciplined Approach Pregnancy With Type 2 Diabetes Is Possible!

People lead busy lives and they are running to meet their deadlines and in the process the one important person they neglect and forget is themselves. In their run to make a mark in their professional career they ignore themselves and do not care much about their health. This attitude affects them in the long run as sitting jobs and sedentary life styles affect them and they realize the effects only too late. 

Health Is Wealth

Health is very important for both young and old people alike. If you do not take sufficient care during your early thirties then you will surely end up being unhealthy and miserable. Start young and set aside thirty minutes of your day to walking or some activity. This will help you become healthy and with health comes good attitude. Exercising is non-negotiable and if possible start during your teens. 

Motherhood And Women 

Some ladies get married in their early thirties or even late. They try to get pregnant but they are unable because one complication or other arises at this age and conceiving becomes an unfulfilled dream. If you ask any woman what is the role that they enjoy most and pat comes the reply being a mother. Women yearn to be mothers and nature has designed them such that women undergo lot of pain physically, emotionally and mentally when giving birth and still they do it beautifully. 

 You try many times to conceive naturally and your failed attempts take you to a gynaecologist and the physician checks out your blood glucose levels. You are shocked to find out that you are suffering from type 2 diabetes and that is the primary reason for you not getting pregnant. You are shocked to see your results and then you take your health seriously and start with good food habits and exercise. 

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is one condition where the cells do not get enough insulin as they should. Sometimes it is not diagnosed early and it could be kept under control with proper meal planning and an active lifestyle. Its symptoms are excessive thirst, frequent urination, dizziness, numbness in the feet, blurred vision, etc. Genetics and lifestyle also contribute to this and it has been recorded that certain ethnic communities are prone to this condition. 

Women having type 2 diabetes can become pregnant if they take their health seriously. They should keep their blood sugar levels under control and work out regularly. If they follow an active life style six months prior to getting pregnant then, surely they can deliver healthy babies. 

Can Type 2 Diabetes And Pregnancy Go Together?

Before it was believed that ladies having type 2 diabetes should not get pregnant and the medical fraternity was against this as it was believed that it would affect the mother and the child. But now things have changed for the better. You can very well get pregnant provided you take extra care of your health. If health becomes your top priority then nothing like it and you will enjoy the whole nine months journey and the bonus is you will raise your kid healthily. 

What Should You Do

Pregnancy is a time when a woman experiences food cravings and also experiences morning sickness. The whole taste buds start revolting and you end up liking things which you did not like before. So start eating healthy food. Avoid sugary drinks, soda and foods with high glycaemic index. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Follow your dietician’s advice because you are doing it for you and your baby. If you compromise or feel lazy to do something then, there is no use consulting your dietician. Do not eat for two but eat just 300 -500 calories more. Consume healthy foods instead of junk. 

Monitor your blood sugar levels at least eight times a day. It is very important because a slight change could be taken into account. Visit your doctor regularly as the physician will be able to guide you better. Do take vitamins, folic acid, etc. Folic acid is very essential for a pregnant women as it helps to avoid brain and spine abnormalities. Exercise is very important because it helps you with easy labour and when you become active your baby will become healthy. 

All these tips should be followed with dedication and discipline for you to deliver a healthy baby. So start earnestly at the earliest to avoid complications at a later stage.