A Brief Guide To Employee Wellness!

A Brief Guide To Employee Wellness!

The success of any organization lies in the strength of its employees. An organization that cares for its employees grows and employees become loyal. Such organizations are rare and in some few organizations you can find employees working for a very long period. When employees are cared they care for the organization. Care means providing wellness programmes and introducing employee friendly measures. The result of such measures is seen in the long term. 

A small organization takes care of its employees and there is much interaction between the employer and the employees. When the organization becomes big somehow that personal rapport is lost and here comes the HR department. HR department should frame wellness policies so that the long term benefits could be enjoyed by both the company and employees. 

Implement Good Programmes For Mutual Benefits!

If employees are healthy then, it pays back to the company as there is less absenteeism. It is proved that work place stress is the reason behind musculoskeletal disorders. As most of the jobs are sitting jobs people need to be educated about health. A group insurance programme can be taken by the company and this is very important as medical charges are raising day by day. 

Wellness Programmes And How To Make It A Success!

Organize wellness programmes. Bring experts in the field to talk about health issues and do monitor the health. An onsite doctor can clear the doubts. Screening programmes could be arranged so that cholesterol, sugar and pressure can be monitored. The work force need to be motivated to move a lot and notifications could be sent regularly. Continuous prodding will force them to take health seriously and they will start working out. 

Setting up gyms and going for sit and stand systems will help the employees as they will stand and work when they feel bored of sitting. A gym registry will monitor employees timing at the gym and continuous prodding will make employees work out more at the office gym. 

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Reward Financially 

Rewards and especially financial rewards are a must. If an employee starts reducing weight and if he starts showing normal levels of sugar and pressure then, he or she should be given small rewards. This will boost him and he will start working out more. This will help to improve the concentration levels and the organization gets to benefit. Focus on long term and never stop the programmes when results start appearing. 

Gym reimbursements and covering health insurance are good ways as nobody likes to be sick. Providing fitness trackers is another way as most of them will start moving a lot and this will help people to become alert. These incentives will surely boost employee morale and they would remain loyal. 

How To Improve Mindfulness Training

Yoga classes can be arranged as it has breathing sessions and meditation. This mindfulness takes out the stress and they lead balanced lives. It makes them live in the present and their productivity improves. 

Flexi work Arrangement. 

Have you ever thought of reducing the commuting time and allowing them to work from home? It helps to do away with less commuting time and employees will work efficiently and they are a happy lot when they work from home as they have a lot of time. This motivates them to do their work faster and better. Allot a day in a week when employees can work from home so that they work better. 

Access To Healthy Food 

Providing healthy food costs much so companies end up providing more junk and sodas. If companies start making alternative arrangements by providing healthy meal options then, employees will surely adopt a healthier lifestyle. Small beginnings will help to establish the change in mind-set. 

Flash Walks

Instead of conducting meetings in closed AC rooms choose the outdoors or just organize flash walks so that they will start moving and with time they will love doing it. As any outdoor activity makes them feel fresh rather than having indoor meetings. A flash walk meeting is informal and it also improves health. 

Emotional Intelligence –Ways To Improve 

Rope in experts to improve emotional intelligence and mindfulness. You can offer free lunches and teach some exercises which help with the mental health issues. It is observed that people with superior EQ will perform well and their productivity increases. So investing in such programmes will ultimately help the organizations. 

Preventive Measures

Arrange for vaccinations to be administered for flu or other diseases. As these are costly employees may not take such steps. Preventive measures when taken helps with employees’ health and reduces absenteeism during the outbreak of flu. When an organization arranges such things it turns out to be cheaper for them. 

Now, employees are demanding that they need to be taken care of. If such needs are not met then they leave looking out for places where such wellness programmes are launched. So start making changes today so that you will reap rewards sometime later.

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