Some Tips For Parents On How To Tackle Teenagers Excessive Use Of Gadgets!

Some Tips For Parents On How To Tackle Teenagers Excessive Use Of Gadgets!

Parents spend considerable time with their little ones and kids consider their parents as role models. They observe their parents unconsciously and try to ape them. They develop a bond and this stays forever. Teenage is a time when children taste freedom and hormonal changes takes place in a child and some children change a lot. It is trying time for parents as children have their own opinions and making them obey is almost an impossible task. 

Teenage is a time when children spend most of their time with peer groups and they have opinions on everything which relates to them. They may not obey parents easily as sometimes they rebel. They can never take a no for an answer for their demands and if parents put forth their reasons children might not listen to them. This attitude makes matters worse and parents sometimes seek professional help. 

Technology has made our lives easier. We are able to connect with people far off in just a few seconds. Before it was just the personal computer but now you have smart phones, tablets, etc. Even elders are addicted to these gadgets and they are seen texting often. Some parents are always seen on the social media posting this or that. 

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Children have great exposure to these gadgets even when they are very small. They learn to use these faster and they learn a lot. They start with playing games and watching videos but later they make friends through social media. Once they develop a craze for these things it becomes difficult to wean them from this. Daily exposure creates an addiction in them and this creates stress on parents as they are always glued to the gadgets. 

Effects Of Excessive Use

  • Children connect with people they really do not know. 
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Posture problems.
  • Affects health.
  • Lack of interaction with parents. 
  • Showing disinterest in other activities. 

Parents should definitely give their children freedom to use these gadgets but it should always be monitored. When left unmonitored, children will befriend total strangers and will start posting unnecessary comments on the social media. If these gadgets are not given to them then, they will not know how to use them.

Limit Viewing Time

Set limits as for how long children can use these devices. Instead of often advising them, enrol them in some classes and in due course they will master it. This is a better way to deal with as they will have less time. Seek their help in house hold chores and make them busy so that they will not waste time unnecessarily on social media. 

Fix Filters 

Monitor them and use filters so that children are blocked from pornography and chat services. By this you can safeguard them from the risks of unblocked sites. Do check whether these filters are working from time to time and let not the children know about the filters.

Monitor Them

Monitor as to what they are doing with the devices but do not snoop on them. If you snoop you will lose your image and they will not trust you. So never snoop but educate them on the risks of befriending people whom they do not know. 

Enjoy Their Confidence

Let the mothers be their go to person and if the child is able to confide everything to their parents then the battle is won. You need to show empathy when something wrong happens and never be judgemental. Support them and get their confidence so that you will be the first person they will confide into when they have some issues. 

Educate Them

It is very essential to let the children know about the effects of posting pictures and passing vital information. By knowing the risks involved children may not go in for such things and do monitor them regularly. They should be informed about cyber bullying so that they would not fall prey to it. 

Enjoy Screen Time With Them

You can co play and co view with them so that you can interact with them when they do their favourite pass time. You can play video games with them and as children they will learn fast and outsmart you. Watch their favourite show with them so that they will feel happy. 

So with a little empathy you can win them over and make the world a wonderful place for them.