Telehealth for Children

Telehealth for Children

We believe that every child must have access to high-quality care. That’s why telehealth or virtual visits are helpful for families who live far away or prefer to receive care from the comfort of home. Even some tests and examinations can be done virtually at a local clinic or hospital, which helps save time as well as money for families who live in a remote area.

Telehealth for children allows parents to schedule virtual appointments for children’s conditions and symptoms. Healthcare experts can assess a child’s well-being through real-time video conferencing and, in several cases, prescribe treatment from distance.

What are the benefits of telehealth for children?

  • Without location and travel time to worry about, it can be quite easier for you and your child to schedule online consultations at times that suit you. 
  • Kids may be more willing to open up when they can talk to a doctor from the comfort of their home, rather than from an unfamiliar clinic.
  • Depending on what type of treatment you are looking for, it may be helpful to schedule online sessions for specific activities that your child struggles with. 
  • You can still consult a doctor about your child even if you are too far for an in-person appointment.
  • Telehealth could make it easier to fit appointments into family life. For example, you might not have to take children out of school for a long time to travel for appointments.
  • You can save ample time and money because you do not have to travel.
  • If your child sees different professionals, telehealth can make it easier for them to work together and share required information.

How to decide whether telehealth is a good option for children?

Video conferencing technology

You generally need access to a smartphone, computer, tablet, or and a stable internet connection that can support video calls. Some services might provide you the option of going to a local community health service for your telehealth appointment. 

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Your child’s condition

Telehealth works better for certain conditions than others, e.g., it is not feasible for a doctor to look inside a child’s ears using telehealth. However, telehealth can be adapted. E.g, a local nurse could conduct an examination and share the results with your child’s doctor, or telehealth can be combined with in-person appointments.

Children’s interactions with health professionals

Some children interact very easily with clinicians using telehealth, because they are used to talking to people online or on phone. Health professionals will cooperate if your child is slow to adapt to a telehealth appointment. Even if it takes some time for your child to get comfortable, an online appointment may still be a worthwhile experience.