Business Model Of Orbis And How Will They Shape The Company’s Future

Orbis shares

Orbis Financial is a prominent name in the financial market as it is India’s leading securities service provider. The company is a dominating player in the unlisted share market and has been dealing with challenges before filing for an initial public offering (IPO). In FY22-23, the company earned 296 cr operating revenue against 154 cr in FY21-22. As per the company, in February 2023, they raised Rs. 111 cr fund from their existing and new investors, which they use to ameliorate the growth of the company and scale business by strengthening its position as India’s top security service provider. The current growth of the company entices investors to know about Orbis share price to invest in its unlisted shares. But, how the business model of the company works and how it will shape the company’s future is still a matter of discussion. 

Without much ado, let’s start from scratch. 

An Introduction To Orbis Financial 

Introduced in 2005, Orbis Financial is a SEBI-registered custodian of securities in India, having started commercial operations in 2009. The company started its RTA services in 2019 as a SEBI-accredited Registrar & Share Transfer Agent, followed by Trustee service as a SEBI accredited Trustee services provider. The company operates as an independent custodian and offers end-to-end services like FPI registration, fund accounting, clearing, depository, and trusteeship services to its clients. The company is committed to providing efficient, effective, and robust services to clients with better use of technology. 

Business Model Of Orbis Financial 

The business model of Orbis Financial depends upon the products and services they offer to its clients. The services the company offers include custody services, RTI, STA services, Orbis Trusteeship services, and a free-based service portfolio with a focus on institutional clients. The company largely caters to institutional clients such as portfolio management services, FPIs, foreign direct investment, alternative investment funds, domestic institutional investors, etc. 

Talking about trusteeship services, the company offers this service through a range of clients, which include equity funds, alternative investment funds, insurance, banking institutions, and non-profit organisations. Additionally, the financial products include bonds, term loans, and debentures. Orbis Financial is also into corporate formation and market entry, due diligence, and enforcement services to both domestic and foreign entities. 

Orbis Financial Valuation And Analysis 

Just like its business performance, Orbis Financial’s financials have been quite strong in the last few years. FY22-23 was a strong year for Orbis Financial as the company earned a total income of Rs. 191.03 crore compared to Rs. 86.53 crore in the last year, which recorded a growth of 120.77%.  At the same time, the company earned a profit before tax of INR 65.22 crore against INR 19.50 crore in the previous year, which was an increase of 234.51%. The profit after tax was INR 47.83 crore compared to INR 15.93 crore in the last year, recording a growth of 200.31%. For its flabbergasting performance, the company is given a credit rating by ICRA (Investment Information And Credit Rating Agency) – A. It means the company was stable for the long term, ICRA A2+ for short-term non-fund based facilities amounting to Rs. 600 crore in FY22. The major source of revenue of the company is its products and services, which include domestic, foreign, and institutional investors. 

The Future Of Orbis Financial 

The custody service provider has alerted tremendously in recent years with the introduction of new-age technology, new offerings, and changes in the norms. This immensely helped companies adapt to changes and offer excellent services to their clients. Since the Indian custody industry has seen a rapid change in the last two decades, companies like Orbis Financial have contributed to the industry with their products and services. As the Indian capital market matures, it is attracting more investors, due to which the global custody market is expected to increase. So, it is true that Orbis Financial and its flabbergasting business model will surely grow in the next decade and will attract major investors to invest in Orbis Financial unlisted shares. 

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