Ace Your UPSC Preparation With These 6 Tips

Ace Your UPSC Preparation With These 6 Tips

India’s most acclaimed examination is undoubtedly UPSC widely known for selecting this country’s hidden gems. You have to engross yourself in different topics and update your knowledge using UPSC EPFO syllabus pdf free download beyond the subjects you are preparing.

Observations over the years have portrayed that a massive section of young aspirants’ dreams to clear the test and secure a bright future for themselves. However, even after having such huge numbers, a meagre section is truly able to fulfil its dreams. The unpredictability of this exam is entirely due to the focus on the core strengths of each individual and not just confined to the pages of a notebook!

You cannot imagine successfully passing each level by just restraining your capability within a few books. To be more specific, you must be well aware of what is happening around you and your country. Only a highly attentive and heartfelt practice and help you overcome the difficult rounds. The examination covers two separate written tests and a personality analysis round where the board members keenly wait to evaluate your proficiency in the service.

This particular blog is designed to get you some clarity and help you with efficient preparation.

Convince Yourself Mentally and Physically for The Examination.

Honestly, your foremost task would be to prepare yourself for the extreme circumstances you will encounter while going through the whole journey. Preparing for the UPSC exam demands dedication and a productive routine to utilize your time effectively. Although, nothing is impossible if you are passionate about your future goals. You must have in-depth knowledge of the procedures and previous outcomes. If you follow the latest updates about the examination, it is quite interesting to carefully step forward and gain success. There are three stages, the exam has been divided into prelims, mains, and personality analysis.

For those who are willing to prepare along with their current working status, then it is a great suggestion to take help from the Internet. You should practically learn how to manage your time with utmost comfort.

Manage Your Time Appropriately

Numerous aspiring candidates are constructively trying their best to secure a position and fulfil their ambition. So, you should have a clear vision of the goals that you want to achieve in a crowd of people sharing the same dreams as you. To become more efficient than the rest of your competitors, firstly you have to maintain a well-arranged routine. You should have the mindset to follow your plan obediently, and that is only possible when you know how to be disciplined and industrious. Create deadlines for yourself so that you learn to handle pressure and showcase your unique abilities to conquer what you are working hard for. Generally, this will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses easily and understand how to deal with them.

Familiarize yourself with the syllabus.

The syllabus is the essential aspect of any examination, and it is mandatory to first aware of the different sections this will cover. In this way, you will be able to comprehend what your bookish knowledge must focus on. You can access all the information about the Preliminary and Main civil service examinations online elaboratively using UPSC EPFO syllabus pdf free download. Follow the syllabus carefully and organize study materials related to each subject.

An essential part of the exam is current affairs you have to master at any cost by following some simple habits of reading newspapers and listening to news telecasts on television, or radio every day. One of the reasons to be very attentive to it is that the pattern of questions is mostly based on current affairs.

Select your optional subject wisely.

You need to understand that the UPSC exam is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those who are not serious enough to prepare with dedication, patience, and ambition. Also, you have lakhs of other aspiring candidates to compete with who are equally investing their efforts to chase their dreams. The difference you can create is possible through logical decisions and confidence. The optional subject that you are supposed to choose should be something you are confident enough to face the 500 marks tally. So, it is necessary to choose your optional subject patiently calculating your comfort with the subject, the advantages, and the disadvantages respectively.

Use NCERT books to enhance your preparations.

When it comes to preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Exam, many aspiring candidates often find themselves lost and unsure about where to start. However, one reliable and effective method to enhance your preparation is to rely on NCERT books. NCERT books are regarded as the foundation books in the Indian education system and can provide a comprehensive understanding of a subject. These books are well-researched, written by experts in the field, and provide authentic information.

The Civil Services exam consists of a vast syllabus covering many subjects, but the majority of the questions are conceptual. NCERT books provide a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of each subject, which can be useful in answering these conceptual questions.

Practice Mock Tests daily.

UPSC Civil Service exams are considered one of the toughest exams in India. It requires comprehensive preparation and consistent practice. To clear the UPSC exam, it’s not enough to just study the theory and concepts, you need to develop speed, accuracy, and analytical skills. Mock tests help aspirants to achieve all these goals.

Some efficient tricks can be mentioned below:

  • Set a timer according to the actual exam timing and practice solving questions in a given time. This will help you to manage time efficiently during the actual exam.
  • After solving the mock test, analyse your performance and identify the areas where you need improvement.
  • Take multiple mock tests to cover all the topics and subtopics of the UPSC syllabus. This will help you to have a clear understanding of the overall syllabus and exam pattern.


In conclusion, proper preparation for UPSC civil services exam is of utmost importance for candidates who aspire to join the Indian administrative services. The exam is highly competitive and demands a comprehensive understanding of various subjects. The necessity of the UPSC EPFO syllabus 2023 should not be overlooked, as it outlines the topics that are likely to appear in the exam. By following these preparation tricks, candidates can significantly improve their chances of success in the UPSC civil services exam and achieve their dream of becoming civil servant in India.


  1. Is it necessary to take external help for the preparations?

If you have enough study materials and sources to prepare by yourself then there is no necessity to look for something else. You can definitely prepare on your own but proper guidance can be beneficial.

  1. How many years of preparation is ideal to clear the exam?

With complete focus and dedication, you can easily prepare within a year and have great outcomes for your future.

  1. How to access all the updates?

“Internet”- the greatest treasure of all times can surely help you to get reliable updates about the civil service examination. You can also ask experienced candidates around you to have better knowledge.