How’s The Net Worth Of Chennai Super Kings Rising In IPL 2023

Chennai Super Kings Rising

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is among the most successful teams in the Indian Premier League (IPL), having millions of fans. In the last 15 seasons of IPL, CSK won 4 IPL trophies and 2 Champions League T20 trophies. You might not know, but Chennai Super Kings is the only team with unlisted shares traded in the Pre-IPO market, and that’s why investors have a keen interest in knowing CSK’s net worth. 

There is no wonder that the IPL is the biggest cricket league in the world that generates billions of dollars annually. In today’s era, CSK has become a brand whose net worth keeps increasing with successful IPL tournaments. Let’s see how the net worth of Chennai Super Kings increased in the IPL 2023 till now. 

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How Does CSK Earn Money Throughout The IPL?

To understand CSK’s net worth, we must know the business model that divides it into different segments. As the IPL 2023 season is ongoing, which is the 16th edition of the Indian Premier League, determining the exact net worth of CSK is difficult. However, we can easily understand how its various sources of revenue will impact CSK’s net worth in IPL 2023. Here are the different sources by which Chennai Super Kings earn money in the IPL:


Like any other franchise of IPL, CSK also earns some portion of revenue from the sponsorships of brands. As per the BCCI, IPL teams get 30-40% of the sponsorship amount, depending on the type of brand. In the IPL 2023, CSK’s principal sponsors are TVS Eurogrip, Gulf Oil, and India Cements. Last year, CSK earned over Rs 650 million from the sponsorship alone.

Media Rights

Another source of CSK revenue that contributes to its net worth is media rights. BCCI sold the media rights of IPL 2023-2027 through the bidding system at the whopping price of Rs 48,390 crore. Tata is currently the title sponsor of the IPL, while Jio Cinema has digital streaming rights. CSK is expected to get 40-50% of media rights revenue, which can be around Rs 400 crore alone from this IPL edition. As a result, CSK unlisted shares performed well throughout the IPL season.

Home Match Tickets

The 16th edition of the IPL is all about CSK’s captain MS Dhoni due to which company gets massive attention from the first match. As per rumours, IPL 2023 can be the last season of MS Dhoni. Due to which, the demand for CSK home matches tickets is on a surge, bringing significant revenue to the team. The average price of the CSK home matches played at MA Chidambaram Stadium, popularly known as Chepauk Stadium, is Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,500. However, CSK shares some percentage of the total revenue earned from the sale of tickets with BCCI and sponsors. It also contributes to the overall net worth of Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2023.

Sale Of Merchandise

Every year, CSK earns a huge amount of money from the sale of merchandise. Having an extensive fan base across India, the team sells millions of jerseys, caps, shoes, and goodies of their merchandise. The CSK management participates in online and offline sales processes that contribute a good portion of its yearly revenue from IPL.

Prize Money Of IPL

There are ten teams in IPL 2023 that play for the winning amount set by the BCCI and the tournament organisers. Till now, CSK has performed exceptionally well and maintained its position among the top-performing teams. As per sources, the total price of money is expected to increase by 20-25%. Since CSK is in 2nd position on the points table, it almost qualified for the playoffs. If Chennai Super Kings wins IPL 2023, the winning price will contribute to its net worth this season.

Expected Net Worth Of CSK At the End Of IPL 2023

The major question of investors who buy CSK unlisted shares is about the expected increase in CSK’s net worth at the end of IPL 2023. The 16th edition of IPL has been successful for CSK till now, where the team has shown great performance on the field. However, it is difficult to predict the team’s net worth at the end of IPL.

As we discussed the major source of earnings of Chennai Super Kings, there will be growth in its revenue and profit at the end of this season. In addition, if CSK wins the IPL 2023, we can expect a measurable increase in its net worth. It is also recommended to buy unlisted shares of CSK, which also performed well throughout the IPL. You can invest in CSK Pre-IPO shares by using Stockify, India’s trusted platform to buy unlisted shares online. Here, you can check the company’s updated unlisted share price and financial report. Take early advantage of CSK’s unstoppable growth by investing in its unlisted shares.