Common Reasons Behind Slip, Trip, And Fall Accidents In Grocery Stores

Common Reasons Behind Slip, Trip, And Fall Accidents In Grocery Stores

Most people shop at the grocery store for kitchen supplies and other household items. The last thing on their mind is slipping, tripping, falling on the grocery store floor, and ending up on the hospital bed. However, grocery stores and other similar businesses are full of hazards that can result in a terrible fall and cause injuries. 

Most customers or staff members are injured when the floors and other common areas of the property are not maintained properly. If you have been injured in a grocery store due to the negligence of the business owner’s fault, you deserve compensation. Speak to an attorney from The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone and discuss your case today. 

Common reasons behind slip, trip, and fall accidents in grocery stores

  1. Liquid spills. 

Milk, oil, vinegar, water, etc., are only some of the many liquid items you may find in the grocery store. People go shopping for these items all the time. However, these items are also responsible for spills, which contribute to many accidents in grocery stores. 

People often spill drinks when shopping and carrying them around the store. The spills are sometimes also caused by the workers while cleaning or arranging the items. The employees must be vigilant when spills happen and remove the slippery hazard as quickly as possible. 

  1. Cracked or uneven or torn carpet. 

Improper carpeting is the culprit behind a number of trip and fall accidents in the grocery store. Grocery store floor carpets are subject to increased damage due to the constant and many numbers of people walking over them, wearing different kinds of footwear. The beating these carpets receive from the customers and staff every day calls for regular replacement and maintenance. 

  1. Electrical cords. 

Electrical cords are common sites in grocery stores and other similar businesses. These cords are usually used for decorating the store, especially around holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. Extensive cords running all over the floor pose a great hazard for the customers. Not every customer will be vigilant when walking and can easily trip over and injure themselves.

  1. No warning signs. 

Hazards in grocery stores with no warning signs for customers and staff members are major reasons for injuries. When the staff in a grocery store cannot remove the hazard immediately, they must put up a warning sign to inform customers about the danger so they can at least avoid the area. The warning sign should also be proper, with a big and clear font.