101 Carpet Cleaning: Hacks You Must Try

101 Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are an essential home accessory widely popular among the masses due to their unique functionality and feel. Whether your home has wooden flooring or tile flooring, carpets are must needed. Laying carpets help fill your room with an inviting aura. Apart from exuding exceptional beauty, carpets pamper your feet with comfortable and soft cushioning. Plus, they ensure round the clock protection to your flooring.

Well, the struggle begins when it becomes hard to get rid of stubborn stains. Carpet cleaning is really a tough task. But anymore, as we have come up with some expert tips from pros to help you clean and maintain your carpet stain free. 

Here we go…

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Hack 1: Use Vacuum Cleaners

Whether it bedroom carpet or living room carpet, regular vacuuming is necessary to keep foul smells at bay. Cleaning carpets multiple times in a week in a criss-cross manner proves to very effective. But make sure not to restrict yourself to the false belief that a single swipe can do the cleaning. For thorough cleaning make use of all vacuum accessories as they can assist you to clean all areas effectively.

Hack 2: Avoid Rubbing off Stains

Whenever you encounter a stain you are tempted to rub it off. That’s obvious. But doing this will make no improvement. Rather it can worsen the carpet and the stains can further pierce through the carpet layers, hence, making the stains permanent. Therefore, it is advisable to dab on the spills using a soft cloth or sponge instead of rubbing it vigorously. Moreover, while dabbing, make sure to make inward strokes as doing so will reduce the stained area.

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Hack 3: Use Shaving Foam

Might sound strange but it is true. Using shaving foam the right way can work wonders for stain removal. This is a tried and tested technique that has been proven effective by experts. Irrespective of the cause of staining shaving foam can be your savior for cleaning area carpets. Just apply a coat of shaving foam on the stain and leave it undisturbed for half an hour. After half an hour blot the area with a sponge. By then the stain must be removed, if not repeat the process again until you get satisfying results.

Hack 4: Use Ice for removing Chewing Gum

Sticking of chewing gum is a common incident. It can stick on your carpet and can make it difficult to remove. So whatever the reason is, the thing is that you can’t keep your carpet in this condition for long. Here in such circumstances, an ice cube comes to your rescue. Rub the cube over chewing gum for a few minutes. This will freeze the gum and will make it lose its grip. When done remove the gum using a spoon from your carpet.

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At last, remember to clean the carpet section wise. These simple hacks will save significant time and will leave your carpet looking fresh and clean like brand new. Additionally, if you keep on cleaning your carpet regularly then the chances of dust sticking to it reduce significantly.